Our Study Abroad Programs


Explore Castles, Mountains, and Music in Historic Salzburg!

Salzburg is situated in the northern foothills of the Alps. Famous as the birthplace of Mozart and host to the Salzburg Festival, the city has long been a cultural center…

Costa Rica

Explore Beautiful Costa Rica!

Explore beautiful Costa Rica, a rugged Central American country with numerous rainforests and scenic coastlines on both the Caribbean and Pacific oceans…


Walk Through the Pages of History!

The students will have the opportunity to travel through time as they explore the social, political and historical aspects of British culture. They can relive the Norman Conquest, see where…


Learn French in Dijon, the Heart of Burgundy!

Dijon, France, located at the crossroads of Europe, is a lively, progressive university city of over 250,000 inhabitants. Capital of gastronomy and gateway to the prestigious vineyards…


Explore the Emerald Isle!

Located 45 miles southwest of Dublin and just east of the Wicklow Mountains, Carlow, or “Carlow-Town” as it is referred to, is a wonderful study abroad location for students interested in…


Dance the Flamenco in the Sun!

At the heart of the beautiful and rugged region of Andalucia can be found the lovely city of Seville. It has a rich and varied history and thoroughly Spanish personality…


Visit Historic China!

Explore the world and gain invaluable intercultural experience by participating in the semester abroad program in Kunming, China. Live in the beautiful city of Kunming, called the….


Discover a vibrant, diverse city!

Toronto, Canada – just 80 miles from the border of New York state or a 1 ½ hour flight from Chicago, students will find themselves transported to a wonderful city rich with cultures from around the world, studying in a global summer school. 700 students from 40+ countries worldwide have participated in Humber Global Summer School!

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